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Optimization of sportsmen’ training process and competition activity on the basis of objective evaluation of physical and functional abilities of their bodies. Control and management of the training process ofComlex control highly qualified athletes.
Essence of development
The analysis of the results of complex surveys makes it possible to identify the individual characteristics of the athlete’s organism associated with specific reactions to physical stress, and to examine their interrelationship. Control of the dynamics of the parameters under study makes it possible to determine the weak and limiting links in the structure of athletic preparedness, to carry out individual correction of the training process in order to improve its effectiveness.
Leading directions of complex training control:
•    Cardiovascular system evaluation;
•    External respiration system evaluation;
•    Neuromuscular apparatus diagnosing;
•    Exercise performance evaluation (functional diagnostics);
•    Aerobic and anaerobic provision systems evaluation;
•    Analysis of component structure of body weight;
•    Psychophysical testing.
Advantages in comparison with analogues
Systematic comprehensive testing of highly qualified athletes allows assessing changes in the condition of athletes’ preparedness under the influence of a relatively long period of training, as well as developing individual recommendations for correcting the volume and intensity of training loads, which contributes to the rational management of the athlete’s condition and bringing it in optimal condition to the period of the main starts of the competitive season.  
 Comlex control 2    Variants of cooperation
We offer cooperation with the National teams of the Republic of Belarus, Olympic training centers, schools of higher sportsmanship, schools of the Olympic reserve, specialized children’s and youth sports schools for integrated monitoring of motor and functional fitness of athletes, analysis of the response of the body to the training load, taking into account the training period, its dynamics, predictability of performance and evaluation of prospects.

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