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Measurement and evaluation of gas exchange and external respiration parameters of athletes of various qualifications in laboratory and natural conditions.
     Essence of development

Ergospirom 1Methodology of diagnostics and evaluation of gas exchange and external respiration parameters is based on application of a portative ergospyrometer (gas analyzer). Ergospyrometrical complex includes a portative ergospyrometer, flow sensor, face mask, telemetering system and specialized software.
During testing of functional capabilities the system registers gas exchange parameters during each respiratory cycle, used in calculation of the main metabolism characteristics. The following parameters are registered and calculated: maximal oxygen consumption, relative oxygen consumption per a kilogram of weight, volume of exhaled carbon dioxide, maximum pulmonary ventilation, volume of one inspiration, anaerobic exchange threshold, etc. The analysis of the obtained data allows not only to assess the level of functional readiness of athletes, but also to adjust the parameters of training loads.
     Advantages in comparison with the analogues
Portable ergospirometric complex allows in real time to diagnose and analyze parameters of gas exchange and external respiration not only in laboratory, but also in natural training (competitive) conditions.

This method is applied by Olympic Sports Research Laboratory  of the educational establishment Francisk Skorina Gomel State University with complex examination of the members of  National teams of the Republic of Belarus on rowing on kayaks and canoes, rowing, swimming, athletics, boxing, cycling, wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling, biathlon, tennis, the leading teams of the Republic of Belarus in football (FC BATE, FC Dynamo Minsk, FC Shakhter) and hockey (HC Dynamo-Minsk, HC Gomel), and also there is an experience of international cooperation with the leading clubs on game kinds of sports and highly skilled sportsmen in individual kinds of sports from Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Moldova.Ergospirom 2

     It is supposed to poromote cooperation with the National teams of the Republic of Belarus, Olympic training centers, schools of higher sports skills, schools of the Olympic reserve, children’s and youth sports schools in assessing the parameters of the functional fitness of athletes, analyzing their dynamics and recommendations to the coach and athlete to correct the volume and intensity of training loads in various zones of intensity, which will facilitate the elimination of the athlete’s organism in the state of highest readiness for the period of the main start of the season.

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